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Maytag Dishwasher died!


Moved into a 3 yr. old rental home in October, and the dishwasher died the day after Christmas. Noticed on Christmas night that several lights on the control panel were flashing, i.e. the delay lights were blinking in order - 2-4-8, and I think a couple of other lights might have been blinking, too - wasn't paying that close attention. I opened the dishwasher, then closed it again and it stopped blinking. It was not midcycle or anything, but WAS full of dirty dishes (of course, isn't that the only time it would break?)
Next day - nothing. Won't start, won't hum, no lights, just dead. Breaker not tripped in the garage.

Any ideas? Landlord on vacation and can't be reached - thought I might attempt something myself, if not too costly.

Model MDB5601AWB

you might try checking the door switch.
good luck.

The heating element might have blown and kicked out the circuit breaker.


--- Quote from: JWWebster on January 01, 2010, 08:39:28 PM ---The heating element might have blown and kicked out the circuit breaker.

--- End quote ---

Is there some sort of internal breaker? The one at the breaker box in the garage is OK.

Find the tech sheet and look at it. That way you can know for sure.

Diagram found at the diagrams and parts box to the left.
 Note: door switch feeds the power to the board. No fuse located on diagram
Everything else is powered by the electronic control board. Looking at the parts I see the door switch is a cheap micro switch and I would suspect that also the handle could be broken I have seen several broken.



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