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Kenmore dryer series 80 -- no power


My Kenmore Series 80 Dryer stopped working all of a sudden. There is absolutely no power and there are no noises at all. If I open the front loader door the light wont work. (I checked the bulb to make sure it was ok -- the bulb is good)
I have checked power source -- everythink ok
Checked the door switch, bypassed the switch -- still no power.
There is power going to the coil and to the motor, but the dryer will not turn on. Every component tested with continuity ckecks out ok.
Please help!

Al Capone:
Hi jrex7,

What is the model number of your dryer?

You can find the model number on the model/serial number tag that is located on the dryer.

Check picture below for possible model number tag locations.

Thanks for posting your questions.

The door has a small piece of metal called a actuator. It mounts on the door switch. If it breaks off and that does happen the it will be as if the door is open . Have you checked that?

You say there is power at the motor. First make sure you have 240V. Check your breaker or fuse box for half the breaker or one fuse gone giving only 120v
Do the thermal fuses and Thermal limit have continuity?


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