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Kenmore 70 Series Electric dryer wont heat up


Paco taco:
I have a Kenmore 70 series dryer that will not heat up. Can someone lead me in the correct direction as how to repair this???

Model 110.64722400

check the thermal fuse thermostats and thermal cutoff and the element for continuity

A few repair photos

I have the same dryer, same problem.

Paid a repair man to come look yesterday and he said that the heating element is bad and needs to be replaced. Write down the model and serial numbers (110.64722400 and MR3423213 respectively on mine) and take it to get the heating element. The guy told us that it was easy to replace.

Good Luck!

A good appliance repair technician would have had that heating element on hand and replaced it for you, but that is besides the point now.

The part number for your heating element is, 279838.
Click the part number to view the price.

Feel free to take that part number with you to the store and when they hand you the new heating element and tell you it's $74 tell them they are only $41.87 online.

Be sure to tell them about too. ;)

They are easy to change, but let us know if you need any help by starting a new topic.

Thanks for posting.


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