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Fridge not cold enough, Freezer too cold.

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My mom has had a Kenmore Coldspot for about 3 or 4 years. And over the past year she's been having problems with it.

Right now the problem is that the freezer is too cold and the fridge doesn't feel cool enough. The freezer has a lot of ice build up all over and anything inside is covered in frost. On the fridge side it feels just barely cool enough to keep things from spoiling except at the bottom where the veggie and meat bins are, little patches of frost have built up around there. I haven't been at the house long enough to notice, but she says it will sometimes fluctuate and the freezer will not be cool enough while the fridge gets too cold. She also says that sometimes water will pool at the foot of the appliance.

We've had water pool once before and as read on the internet I defrosted the fridge and cleaned that grate at the bottom near the floor which seemed to do the trick. However I have no idea how to fix this current problem.

Model 106.56642500

Defrost heater malfunction most likely.

do you have an estimate on the repair cost?

Looks like around $100. You must verify first if that is the problem before spending any greenstamps.

Is there a way to be certain thats the problem without calling someone in to look at it?


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