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110.28912790 Sears Kenmore Washer - Does not drain or spin


This was a easy repair that I have done hundreds of times over the years.

The complaint on this 110.28912790 Sears Kenmore Washer was that it's full of water and will not drain. I suspected the lid switch was bad. As a quick check I opened and closed the lid as I listened for the clicking sound the switch should make.

I could not hear the clicking sound of the lid switch as I opened and closed the lid so my next step was to check the switch with my ohm meter.

The lid switch (part# 3949238) was bad and needed to be replaced.
Once the lid switch had been replaced I checked the drain and spin cycle again.
This time the washer did drain the water and spin the tub just fine.

This is a cheap and easy repair.

Model 110.28912790

WHIRLPOOL 3949238 Lid Switch Assembly, AP3100001


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