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Video: How to make your Whirlpool ice maker run for testing and diagnostics

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This video shows you a complete ice maker cycle in real time. You can put the ice maker into a test mode to make your ice maker run as shown in the video clip.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For no ice or low ice production, always confirm normal (0-5 Deg F) freezer temperatures before beginning diagnostic checks. The ice maker is designed not to run if the freezer in  not in this temperature range.

In this test mode the ice make will go through the harvest, testing the heater. You will also know if the ice maker motor is working by putting the ice maker though this test cycle.

With the ice maker in test mode it will also run the water fill cycle. This will tell you if the water valve is working and if the water line is frozen or open.

If you find the water fill tube that goes to the ice maker is frozen you will have to thaw it out.
If you have to keep thawing the fill tube out then you will want to install a [url=]Fill Tube and Heater Kit [/url] .

It is very simple to get the ice maker into this test mode. there are only a few steps you have to take.

Note: The optics must be working properly (in-door ice makers only) to test the ice maker.

Important: If the freezer temperature is not cold enough to allow the ice maker bi-metal to close, a jumper must be installed on the ice maker at the test points T and H, and the test rerun.

1. Run an optics check (in-door ice makers only)

2. Disconnect power to the unit.

3. Slide the ice maker out of the mounting rails and leave the wiring harness connected.

4. Jumper the thermostat, as shown below. You can not leave it this way or your ice make could flood your house. You only jumper the thermostat for testing!

5. Remount the ice maker, making sure that the water fill tube is inside the fill cup.

6. Connect power to the unit.

7. Make sure there is a clear path across the bin for the infrared beam to travel to the receiver sensor. (in-door ice makers only)

8. Close the freezer door and wait 5 seconds to allow the optics relay to close.

9. Open the freezer door and you will see the ejector bar moving. Remove the thermostat jumper prior to the ejector blades reaching the 10:00 position, or else you will not see the water fill. The mold should be warm due to the heater operation.

10. Disconnect the power immediately after the water fill. If the ice make will not fill with water Check the Water Valve to make sure it is working.

11. With the freezer door closed, reconnect the power.

12. Wait for a minimum of 5 seconds, and a maximum of 50 seconds, then open the freezer door, and view the status of the LED for the output codes.

4322658A R-92 Whirlpool and KitchenAid Indoor Ice System - Ice Maker Service Repair Manual

WHIRLPOOL Complete Icemaker Assembly (8 Cube), part number: AP3182733

This icemaker is for 25-27 cubic feet models that have vertical auger dispenser installed in the freezer door. 8 cube icemaker.

WHIRLPOOL 4389102 Refrigerator P.c. Board Kit, AP3137510

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What happened to the video?

Being this topic is from August 02, 2007 I don't really know what happen to the video.

I'm thinking it was one of the first videos I ever did and it was stored on the first server we ever had.
It probably got lost when we upgrading to a different server and/or when we started using youtube for videos.

Maybe the video is on youtube now, not sure.

Well viewing some old topics myself I notice some youtube video's that were posted from other channels that no longer work either because they have been removed from Youtube. Not much I can do about that though.

I thought the connection points T & M is what turns on the harvest motor.

T & H does what?


--- Quote ---Test points T & H will verify if the bimetal thermostat is open or closed. Short T & H with an insulated piece of wire (14 ga.) to run the motor.
--- End quote ---


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