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Where are you getting parts from? The clock is obviously not working right.

Range/Stove/Oven Fault Codes Non Y-Line

NOTE: Not valid for Y line. If there is a Y near the end of your model number, do not use this chart.
4 Digit Failure Code
F0 - E0
Analog to Digital Failure
Disconnect for 30 seconds - if display re-appears - replace control

Jim Radford:
Bought the parts as suggested from the link to the left.

Jim Radford:
Well- replaced the control board again and still have the EO-FO error and the oven will not stay lit. Surely odds are against another bad control board.  I've looked at all of the wiring and don't see any open, burnt or damaged wiring. Any new ideas.  As stated before this has gotten very expensive I'm about ready to throw the thing away and buy new to be done with it except I have too much money in it now. Replacement parts again from the link on the left.

Thanks in Advance

If you have double checked all connections, was the key pad replaced?


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