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Jim Radford:
Stove lights and immediatley goes out. Replaced igniter and igniter card already.  displays message E0-F0.

Model 665.72023102

You have a bad EEPROM chip on the main control board (clock). The tech sheet for your model is posted below, and it gives you the various error codes and what they mean.

Order yourself a clock on the left side of this page using your model number.

Tech Sheet

Jim Radford:
Thanks for a timely response.  I forgot to mention the broiler burner does still work.  Same solution?


There are probably a lot of details you did not mention but nevertheless, you follow the error code and what the tech sheet says. At least you have a diagram and the necessary info to do the testing yourself now. My impression is a failed control.

Jim Radford:
Well I guess the devil may have been in the details.  I have now replaced the igniter, burner, the igniter control card(advice from the local repair person) and the main control card as has been suggested by this forum and still have the FO-EO error code.  The error code sheet shows F1-EO for the EEPROM failure and was the reason I didn't initially replace it.  As is evident I'm about at the cost of a new stove and still doesn't work. Any new suggestions? 


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