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Whirlpool Imperial Series washer agitates but won't spin, noise

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I checked the the coupler and its fine. although it wasn't attached to the motor. it is very loose on the motor.  It has a loud gear sound underneath by the motor. i'm trying not to call a service repairman. any help will be greatful.

Al Capone:
Hi ellisel,

Could you post the model number of your washer.
The model number is located on the model/serial number tag that can be found on the washer.

Check picture below for possible model number tag locations.

Thanks for posting your questions.

all tags are worn off. it says ultimate care 2. SM 8525079. it was purchased 6yrs ago at pcrichards

Might be a broken  cam actuator. The only way to know is drop the tranny

oh ok thank you. how hard is it to do that. i'm not experienced at all


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