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kenmore 90 series wont spin


hi i have a kenmore 90 series that wont spin the tub, the agitator moves properly but when the timer gets to the spin to drain it makes an electrical buzz noise thats gets loud then trips the breaker, like its jammed, any suggestions?

Model 110.4788291

Check the drain pump you may he se ave something stuck in it... also I have see to much soap do this to the drain pump.

ok i will check that but i'm not sure how it's full of water now and would not drain so it could be the culprit

I have found bikini tops, pantys, bras and rubber floor matt mess in them pumps

If you have or can borrow a shop vac,use it to remove the water in the tub. Also attach it to the drain hose and vac from that direction too.


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