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Kenmore Front Load Washer Won't Spin


This Kenmore 417.43142200 washer will fill with water and drain the water.  It won't agitate or spin to rinse.  The control nob will not advance.  

I tried to jump the door latch.  There are 3 plugs going into it with 2 wires each.  All three plugs have power going to them so if I jump them, I blow the circuit.  

Seems like the speed control board or the door latch.  Any ideas of which one it might be?  

If the machine will fill, the door lock is OK. You probably have a bad motor speed board down below. To check it, look for 120 volts to the white and black wires at the control board when the unit is set to spin. Voltage with no activity indicates a bad board.  We don't jumper wires to check electrical things. You must have a voltmeter to find anything out.

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