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stops at last spin cycle


washing machine stops sometimes at last spin and rinse cyle. i lift lid and then it continues it's normal cylce. could it be the lid switch? or the big control knob? i have a circut tester. other than that it runs just fine. newbie ???

Model kenmore 823 72110

This is a timer control failure (and one of the most frequent). Located under the knob and dial, it only requires that you remove 4 screws to do the whole repair, 2 on the outer front edge of the control panel and 2 under the knob. The timer is shown below.

thank's for the speedy reply i'll search some sites for a good price. i'll be closing this post now. O0

I'll be opening the post now...

Are you deliberately going elsewhere for parts even though you got your help here? That's not exactly a proper way to show your appreciation for the help, much less support the hand that "feeds you". There is a parts lookup on the left to help you get the part at the best price along with the fact that you can always return the part if it does not solve the problem. Our free help is provided in order for you to use our recommended sponsors to get parts. That's why this is such a good deal for you as a visitor. Advice and parts in one site...what a bargain!  O0


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