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Kenmore "Stylemaster 909209" washing machine prob.


We have a Kenmore Model No. 110.82673110 (Apparently also known as the "Stylemaster 909209", according to the info on the inside of the lid). It stopped spinning mid-cycle. It made a few clunking sounds, as though it was out of kilter, and then stopped. My husband opened the lid and discovered a small canvas bag I was washing had risen to the top of the load. He thinks it probably had been spinning around at the very top of the tub and perhaps swiped of some sort of lever piece that activates the spin cycle when the lid is closed. He shoved a wooden chopstick where this 'lever' may have been; closed the lid, and low and behold the machine begins to spin. Do you think what has broken could be some sort of "lid switch"? I did not find anything in the machine upon emptying it. Any help would be appreciated.

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