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Kenmore Series 80 Washer overflows


My Kenmore Series 80 washer recently overflowed.  When I pull out the dial to begin the cycle, it fills and fills and will overflow without beginning to agitate.  When I turn the dial past fill to the point between wash and rinse, it will agitate for a few minutes before continuing to spin out and begin to refill for which time it will overflow again.  Is there some sensor that detects the water level setting and causes agitation to begin?  Can this sensor be faulty?  And how can I replace it?

Model 110.28802890

This is an easy fix. Remove the rubber tube from the water level switch and blow through it to get the sand and sediment out of the sump. Then re-secure the rubber hose, pump out any standing water and retry. This video shows how to get to the controls:
Direct Drive repair vid


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