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Older Kenmore washer - tub bottom gasket replacement - help needed.

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The hardest part is removing the inner tub nut, get that off and the inner tub out and it is clear sailing then. If anybody has replaced a center post gasket and knows a trick I would appreciate yalls input.

If the leak does not begin until the tub is quite full, the tub gasket may not be the only thing involved here. There is also a gasket which is under the drive block of the agitator, built into the top of the basket drive tube. The agitator shaft slides up into this seal when the transmission is installed. If replacing the lower gasket on your tub does not solve the problem, the basket drive (brake tube) must also be replaced. Depending on what kind of water penetration the transmission has suffered during all of this, you may want to consider a new machine after all.

Basket Drive Tube Kit-


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