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Older Kenmore washer - tub bottom gasket replacement - help needed.

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Hi - we have an older Sears Kenmore washer (model 110.92574800)that is still in really good shape but it has started leaking water from the gasket area in the bottom of the tub. I can order a replacement gasket (part no. 383727) and try and replace the gasket myself but don't really know how much work it is to do that. I'm looking for a repair manual or something/someone that explains the procedure. Any suggestion you may provide will be helpful.

Thanks, Karen

Model 110.92574800

AJs Direct Drive Top Slosher Manual

I sure appreciate the quick reply and we understand the instructions in the manual link but we still would like to know more specifically about how to replace the rubber gasket in the bottom of the tub. Once the tub is removed can the gasket then be replaced and how?

Thank you!

Pour alcohol on the rubber so it will soften. Place the rubber on the tub while the alcohol has it softened. Get the old one out the same way. Yeah the whole shebang has to be took apart. I ain't been that deep into one but my buddy Nate Jones has done one or 2. That's a rare thing to have to swap out. How do you know the leak is there?

We can see the water dripping from the rubber gasket area on the bottom of the tub. We took the machine cover off and could just see into the gasket area by lying on the floor with a flashlite. So this is what makes us believe it is the gasket. It doesn't start dripping until the tub is about full with water. We hope our guessing that it is the gasket is correct because we are ordering one. If its something else I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it. We actually have no idea what we are doing but my husband is very mechanically incline and likes to try and fix things himself unless it get over his head.
We certainly appreciate your comments and guidance.


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