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Whirlpool Dishwasher Flamed out K2 relay on Whirlpool control board

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Disconnect power to the dishwasher. Remove the kick panel on the bottom front. You will be able to replace these without removal in most cases.

Same thing here (7 flashes, thermistor, thermostat, and element tested fine) but end result was a bit worse...
I would normally try to just replace the relay but this one took away some of the PCB, probably damaged the nearby resistors, and melted the plastic of the surrounding case.
Unfortunately mine is not part of the class action so I have to pay for the repair.

Thanks for sharing! This is a prime example of how we read certain things on the Internet, then to find our issue is not the same. Thru process of elimination, you discovered which parts are good, leaving only one final conclusion. Your technical prowess is to be applauded! O0

 Thanks for sharing!


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