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LG Dishwasher with LE error code

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I've got the same error code, same dishwasher - LDS5811BB and I looked for a cut wire - none.

I just pulled the inside apart - nothing odd found - darn o-rings hard to put back together!

My motor - the one with the knife blade on it - didn't turn freely - is it suppose to?

I did turn it with a small pliers - is that bad?

Once I got it all back together - I started a rinse cycle and so far it's running through it - 4 min left.  But the motor's making noise that it never use to before - very audible!

Any thoughts?


Al Capone:
Hi xj-boonie,

Please be sure to read, Posting Basics - Starting a New Topic.

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Thanks for posting your questions.

Even a rookie technician would surmise that the motor has internal issues and would replace it. I advise you to do the same. Remember that parts purchased thru these links are returnable.

Thanks for the reply - I might be a mechanical engineer but am very much a rookie tech when it comes to appliances.  I figured it was the motor - it finished the quick rinse but then I tried a quick wash and it never finished it - LE code again.  So I'll be replacing the motor, and probably the o-rings.  Which vendors/links are you talking about?


Over on the left side of every page here is a link to order parts by model number or part number. I know that RepairClinic has certain LG parts in stock...not sure about Appliance partsPros but you can paste your model into their lookups and find out.

Click the pic below


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