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I was trying to find why there appears to be water draining from the front of my LG front loading washer.

When I entered my model #, it brought up dishwashers, if I remember correctly.  I think I finally found an answer, but as a whole I find the website very confusing and hard to navigate.

Al Capone:
Hi doctorsmc,

What is the model number of your dishwasher?

Thanks for posting.

Hi doctorsmc,

Being a forum and not just another website you always have the option to ask for help by posting any questions you have.

It should have been just as easy to start a topic about the problem you are having with your washer as it was to start this topic.

I'm no LG expert, but I'm sure there is one around here someplace. :)

Why not start a new topic and tell us a little more about your LG washer?

Don't forget to post the model number.  O0


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