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Remove dishwasher from too small spave- remove legs?



Can anyone help me? I want to remove my old dishwasher and just use the space it takes up for storage space.

My problem is that I had a new granite countertop put in, plus I installed some new flooring a while ago. So now the space is too small for me to just lift it and putt it out!

I am thinking of removing or bending the legs so it is shorter, or just totally disassembling it.

I have never done this sort of thing before, so I am pretty clueless!


Jimbo= I take the sides of the front of the lower tub frame in my large Channel Lock pliers and bend both sides inward so they collapse, allowing the front of the tub to dip down far enough to clear the cabinet. The frame, which the front legs are mounted on is thin enough to bend  if you have large tools to do the job. Beats sawing the legs off, but I have used tin shears a time or 2..


Thank you! I will do that. I have some bolt cutters that I bet will work for that.

LOL- I was expecting to be able to just pull the thing out and get rid of it. Not so much!


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