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Affinity washer E5E error


Frigidaire ATF7000ES0 Washer. The Frigidaire tech sheet for this error is worthless. E5E
It states that if the wiring is good, replace control and if that doesn't fix it
replace speed control. I think i'd be better off flipping a coin. heads control, tail speed control.  ;)
Anyone know how to test these components so I don't end up spending $300 for not.
I mean is this how trained frigidaire techs fix appliances or is this how frigidaire get people to become certified service techs cause a monkey could swap parts.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


That pretty much explains why Frigidaire techs keep both boards on their trucks  :rofl:

Why not be practical in your approach rather than use the  shotgun method? (even though any parts you order thru these links can be returned without question). Before you wen't off on Frigidaire there, you forgot to mention what the washer was not doing besides the vague E5E code, so lets assume it won't spin.

In the field, I have learned to place my voltmeter leads at the motor speed board itself where the black and white wires send it power from the main control. If, during the spin cycle, you do not detect 120 volts at these 2 wires, the main board is likely bad or a wire is broken on it somewhere. If there IS power down there and nothing spins, you have a bad speed control. Does this clarify things some?

btw, I read today where Frigidaire (Electrolux) is closing their  mfg plant in Iowa this year, leaving 600 more folks without jobs here. Somewhere in Mexico, 600 families are getting them.


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