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Is It Time For a New Washer/Dryer?

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Thanks for all your suggestions, people.  They are very helpful.  You are right stoveguy.  There is no manual clean filter.  My model number is PYE2200AYW.  Can someone tell me how to remove the agitator to clean out the lint?

I'm going to post this question under the Maytag section also.

Thank you.

Sorry, I gave the model number of the dryer.  BRB

The model number is PAV2200AWW.  Any direction on changing the belt would be greatly appreciated!

--- Quote from: Repair-man on December 11, 2009, 03:12:43 PM ---I suspect that after 10 years you need a new belt on the washer. This will improve pump performance and breath life back into the spin cycle. No tools required on most Maytag models to replace a belt.  Please provide the washer model number, thanks.

--- End quote ---

Tip back the washer, snatch off the old belt. Check the pump for stiffness and loop the new belt in place. No tools needed, the motor is spring loaded.

 O0 Thanks!


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