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Is It Time For a New Washer/Dryer?

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My laundry is getting mostly clean, except for lint and pet hair.  I clean the dryer lint filter with every use and the dryer vent outlet frequently.  Any ideas as to why the hair and lint sticks to the clothes instead of coming out in the wash or the dry?  I have a 10 year old Maytag set.

You need to check the lint filter in the washer.It is inside the agitator.Pull up on the top of the agitator.
It may also be time for new pump and drive belts on the washer.
Overloading the washer or dryer leads to more lint also.

I suspect that after 10 years you need a new belt on the washer. This will improve pump performance and breath life back into the spin cycle. No tools required on most Maytag models to replace a belt.  Please provide the washer model number, thanks.

Maytag hasn't had a manual clean filter for about 12 years so you might have to remove the agitator to clean it.The model number will tell.

Use Affresh it will work ....Fill the washer with the high water load hot water ... add more water until it is just under the tub ring...drop in the Affresh tablet...let it soak...start the washer on the longest cycle.. some water may splash over the tub. so have a towel to clean up the water. may have to do this up to 3 times if really bad.


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