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Hi everybody,
I have a Whirlpool thin twin stack, with a misaligned washer tub. I checked the suspension assemblies to see if one was broken, all 3 were ok. But on each assembly there is a clamp to hold the spring together, all 3 were off and now my wash tub is too close to the top of the cabinet, and leaning towards the back.
Does anyone know if the replacement assemblies come with the clamps on them? So far all the ones I saw, dont come with them.

Model LT500XSW1

"clamps to hold the springs together"??  That's part of the new spring assembly...
Just repace all 3 and you'll be OK

The springs come as shown below:

Ok, Thanks for the quick response, Ill give it a go, just wanted to be sure if it was part of the assembly.

Direct drive and thin twin repair manual

Repair Manual

Thanks a bunch JW. that repair manual under the 24" stack shows the suspension assembly that I have, and now I know how to remove the tub assembly.
Everyones help is much appreciated!!


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