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Thank you guys for your help!

I have checked the following link:

It says that most American dishwashers use 1 pump. Does this mean that the trend will also be 1 pump? What do you think the trend has been over the years?Have companies switched from 2 to 1 pump or viceversa?

This article confuses me a little bit...


any clue about this article...

Here is the way it has been historically. American dishwashers were originally made with one motor/pump assembly which both washed and drained the unit. This was true all the way past 1990 on most brands. They contained a reversing motor.

Only GE made a one-piece assembly and still does, but the motor does not reverse on these.. (wd26x10013 for example)

Most all of the new models made after 1998 by other manufacturers now have a separate electric drain pump which is not part of the wash motor. Non-reversing motors are cheaper to make, hence the change. The drain pumps on new models are quite small and just strong enough to pump water out while saving a lot of energy in the process versus using the main motor.


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