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I live in Denmark and am doing a resarch in pumps in dishwashers. From what I read, most European dishwasher use a drain and a wash pump. Does someone know how it works in the US? Is it a pump for both functions or is it the same as in Europe?


Some U.S. models have a reversing motor to pump and wash and others use a one directional motor and have a solenoid activated dump flap to release the water.
Some high end models do have 2 pumps but in my opinion that just means more can go wrong.

I have been checking at some Frigidaire's and Whirlpool's diagrams and all of them have 2 pumps. Do you know any brand using 1 pump?

GE pot scrubber has the SideWinder one directional motor with dump flap

You are right...I am a little bit confused now.I need to estimate in percentage how much does the 1 pump and 2 pumps dishwashers represent in the American market.

Do you have any estimate about this? I know that in Europe is about 90% 2 pumps and 10% 1 pump. What percentage do you estimate for the US?


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