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Fridgaire oven F3 Error code

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 Fridgaire Model FGF379WECA  Thanks

When an oven with an electronic control fails, it usually signals the failure with an F code. These
F codes are considered by many people to be an indicator as to positively which part in the circuit
has failed (F1 a defective control, F3 a defective oven probe, and so on). To the embarrassment of
many servicemen who have believed this, they have installed the indicated part only to find it did not
correct the problem.
To troubleshoot an oven with an electronic oven control that is not operating:
1. Make sure electrical power is being supply to the control.
2. Disconnect power for 30 seconds. If fault returns when power is reconnected continue with the
following steps.
3. Go to the back of the control and disconnect the multi-pin plug.
4. Check the wiring diagram to determine which two pins in the plug (not on the EOC) are connected
to the oven sensor.
5. With an Ohmmeter check the resistance between the two pins in the plug that are connected
to the sensor. At room temperature:
STEP 1: If the meter reads below 900 Ohms or above 1200 Ohms, remove the sensor from the
oven and check it for resistance. If the resistance of the sensor is the same as reading at the plug, the
sensor is defective. If the resistance of the sensor reads between 900 & 1200, the wiring between the
control and the sensor is defective.
STEP 2: If the meter reads between 900 Ohms & 1200 Ohms check the resistance between one
of the pins going to the sensor and chassis. If the meter reads infinity go to step 3. If the meter shows
continuity, remove the sensor and check from one of its pins to the case of the sensor. If the meter
reads continuity, the sensor is defective. If the meter reads infinity, the wiring between the control and
the sensor is shorted to chassis of the range.
STEP 3: From the wiring diagram, determine which 3 wires if automatic lock or which 2 wires if
manual lock, in the plug is from the door lock switch or switches. From the diagram determine which
of the switches are open or closed when the door in the unlocked position. With an Ohmmeter check
to see if the switch that is shown open is open and the switch that is shown closed is closed by checking
the proper pins in the plug.
6. If the above checks test good and the relay on the board for the selected function is not closing replace the control.

Fault codes ( more to come)

Thanks Guys.  From your posts I think it maybe the eoc.  Will replace and let you all know

Well replaced EOC Saturday and all seems okay so far.  Kids were able to bake cookies yesterday.  Guess the original sensor I replaced was okay.  Wish I had known about this site before would have been able to check the sensor and save some dollars.  Anyway special thanks to Krazytech and JWWebster for all their help.


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