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Fridgaire oven F3 Error code

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Frigidaire FGF379WECA Oven. Got the F3 error code.  Replaced the sensor and still getting the error code.  Checked wiring and resistance and seems fine.  It appears once the oven gets above 350 the code appears and shuts down the oven.  any ideas what next

sensor connection must be clean and tight.

thanks however checked resistance at sensor connections and at board with sensor connected.  Wiring and connections okay. Wondering now if it is the board?

If it aint the sensor its the board but just to double check instead of buying and guessing you could send your board to Bruce and let him check it on the computer setup he has:


on some models ...check the reset thermo at on the right side of the control panel .it if is tripped then you can get a a model number and I can check it.


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