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Service Manual on LG DLEX7177WM Dryer

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Thank you very much.  I was wondering I already have the dryer apart. The rollers look good from what I can see. what type of lubricant should I put on them? 

The problem I am having is if I (the dyer is 2 years old) the dryer has a very lite load after it heats up the drum starts to chatter very very load almost like it is captivating. It doesn't do this with a heavy load just a very lite one. not sure how to fix it.. the weld on the drum looks good. any other suggestions??

Is the pulley assembly supposed to be fairly lose and move side to side or just raise up when there is tension on it..

I use Zoomspout oil. It is $2 a bottle at Ace hardware. It is non flammable, high temp resistant, and won't dissipate under heat loads. And is use in the HVAC field for decades.

thank you very much


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