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How do you get the Tube out from dryer?


Hey All,

The seal went out on the dryer and I need to take the tube out. What is the easiest way to do this? I have taken all the wires and hoses off,

My question is, Where it hangs on the things, Do I take them off from the bottom or the top.

Heres a pic to better explain "the things". (Where the arrows are pointed.)

Any help would be appreciated.

You raise up on the suspension rod and remove the top called a ball socket and the rod drops down. Just like a GE washer. This is a Calypso washer.

SEE page 39

I was able to get the tub out, Now I cannot figure out how to get to that seal that is between the 2 tubs.

The guy up at our appliance place said to remove the inner tub, but I cant get it to budge.

Thats a funny lookin dryer. Wheres the tube your talking about?


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