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roper dryer runs motor runs as soon as you set it, no need to push start button

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the ring is good, belt is conected just as pictured. as soon as timer is set to any section on dial except off motor is running but its not getting the ump to go, so but can turn drum manually and it runs like a top. it does the same with start button totally disconected. its not the starter on the motor since i plugged in a new motor and still the same. door switch is good. i am clueless at this point,
i am really appreciating the suggestions thank you

hey do you think if the heating element grounded to itself could cause this, bout the only thing i didnt bother to check was the heating element

With belt removed does the motor turn ok by hand. If it seems tough to turn maybe you have the blower too tight.
The motor is 120 volt and on a diff circuit, heater would not affect that even if shorted.

motor turns smooth with belt off, thats what i thought about the heating element but couldnt hurt to ask. i am stumped on this. hate to tell the customers i just dont know, lol its such a basic unit, nothing fancy at all. plz any other ideas will be great. thank you

Maybe you got a dud motor. Send that one back and get another.


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