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during the last wash cycle the timer gets stuck in one spot. in this spot it will wash forever. when i turn the timer one click it finishes the cycle fine. the dishes are hot and dry when the washing is completed so the heater is working. new timer time? thanks.

Model gsd3408k01sb

That depends on which "spot" the timer stops at and which options are used in the wash cycle. For instance, if it stops during the time it should be heating the water, the timer will not advance until the small disc thermostat under the tub is satisfied. At this point, the contacts will close on the thermostat and the timer will advance onward if your mode is so equipped.

Other models have a cycle extender switch in the console that pulses power to the timer motor if the Potscrubber button is pressed. This too may affect the cycle if it fails.

Try the unit on a different cycle, say Light Wash for instance, with no heating or sani options selected and see if it makes a difference. If it stalls again, the timer is  the culprit, if it continues thru then you might suspect the cycle extender circuit. There is a wiring diagram in the control panel to assist you in your diagnosis.

GE timers are notorious for getting hard to turn or stiff. Just 2 drops of machine oil (I like zoomoil) and a coupla quick twists of the timer that guy will quit hanging up. Seen it.

thanks guys i'll try both.


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