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Washer amps out if on fast agitate

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My washer if on Fast Agitate amps out and kicks out the surge protector it is plugged into. It will work okay on Slow Agitate but smells like something is burning.  I checked the dog ears and they look a little worn but when I watch it agitate they don't appear to be engaging. I am leaning toward the clutch burning out but don't know if I am thinking right here. Any help???

Model 110-20712-990

Nope. A bad clutch would only keep it from spinning.

You got motor trouble or timer trouble (causes motor to run at 2 speeds at once).

 The cam dogs in the agitator only affect the top half of the agitator and cannot interfere with the machine running.

You will need a voltmeter and an ampprobe to properly diagnose this problem.

It acts like it wants to agitate at that setting and then kicks out. You think it is the motor? Six people in the house over ten years on this washer..... It has been a good member of the family but don't want to throw a ton of money in her. I am thinking of tearing it down looking over the motor and see how it looks. From there don't know what to check. I deal with motors like this at work and it just seems like something is binding it up and it can't get the juice it needs until you free something up out of it.?????

It's a good idea to remove the cabinet, drop the pump and motor from the tranny and see if the tranny drive lug is hard to turn manually. This goes for the pump in front of the motor as well. They can bind up and cause the motor to drag down just the same.  You can also bypass the lid switch while the cabinet is off and run the motor by itself while it is lying on the floor away from the tranny to see if it behaves the same way with no load on it.

Despite its age and usage, a new motor or tranny is a heck of a lot cheaper than a new washer, so why would you not want to pour some money into it? Age has nada to do with it and buying a new washer does not give you any less chance of a breakdown these days..

I pulled the motor tonight and the coupler on the drive is jacked up. I suppose I will start there and see if that helps.


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