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Need Tech/Repair Manual!


Hello all!

Glad I found this valuable site!

So, I have a Frigidaire Gallery Series, model # GLTF2940FS2 washing machine. The warranty expired several months back and guess what? I have a problem!

Have been unemployed untill recently so cannot afford to call the guy........but that is okay, as I am the guy! Have experience working on a variety of appliances, just not front loaders.

Pretty sure my problem is a clogged pump, but since I have not worked on these before, I really would like to have the manual handy.

If anyone has it, or knows where to find it, I would be forever in your debt as our two teenagers are going through alot of clothes and I realllllly need to get this fixed!


Look through this assortment of awesome AJ manuals and see if one of them ain't it

AJ Electrolux  manuals

There is a mini manual inside the lower compartment in an envelope.  What is the problem you are having with the machine?


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