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excess vibration


I have a Maytag Neptune that has a vibration in spin. It is sitting on a solid surface I checked for bearing play it is ok checked box and frame for cracks or bent areas that is ok shocks ok. It has less vibration empty in spin and when I put a load in get the clothes wet and spin out it has a terrible vibration help I am stumped

Model MAH6700AAW

Have you check the pulley. cracked or bent or just out of balance .I have see them vibrate the whole machine... just a note..

pulley is ok

Maytag made board changes  mid-production to compensate for  off-balance conditions, and added a motion sensor kit to monitor excessive tub movement, The sensor will count the number of times the tub is off balance and stop the spin to rearrange the load and try  again. Ordering a new PCB kit will incluide the new sensor plus instructions.


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