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Noisy Kitchenaid Dishwasher


I have a 3 year old Kitchenaid Dishwasher that has recently become very noisy.  I reviewed comments on this site and checked the area around the macerator blade and screen.  I found two small chips of glass in front of the screen that I removed.  I reassembled and found that the noise was still there.  I believe the noise is in the impeller motor unit and wanted to see what my next step should be.  Thanks in advance for any help/guidance.  


Hi starcaptain

Take it apart again and remove the Chopper assembly. Then get in there and turn the end of the motor shaft that was coupled to the chopper assembly. See if it feels smooth when you give the motor a spin or if it's rough.

If it's noisy and rough sounding when you spin it by hand you can be it will be noisy when running at higher speeds too.

In this case you would need to replace the motor-pump. I replace a lot of these motor because of noise problems.

Mr. Fix-It:
I agree I see these fail all the time, when the seal leaks just a little the water gets right into the bearings because of the compact design.


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