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GE Profile Washer -- Motor not turning-- No Spin

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Bobby D:
Thanks for all the help guys!  Good News I fixed it!! (Well, I think I did.)

My motor does not have any LED or board on it are you sure the instructions that you sent were for my model?  Also my timer does not pull out, there is a seperate start button on the right.

Here was the problem...

I figured the problem was not the motor because it did not smell like it was burned out.  I checked + bypassed the door switch.  I traced power coming to the motor, but the motor was not being turned on for some reason (something with the computer board).  I took apart the "Non-Repairable computer board" and looked at all the solder joints and for any burned or blackend resistors, diodes. etc. and did not see anything burned.  I found right where the plastic wire harness comes into the board from the wall power source, there were two loose solder conections on the underside of the board where the wire harness ties in.  I resoldered all the loose connections.  I'm figuring one of those connections was not allowing the motor to start (maybe a relay or a capacitor that starts the motor?)

Last question for you guys have you ever heard of this condition?

Thanks for all your help.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Bob

Man I wish you could post some pix

Bobby D:
I think I will try to post some pics, because it is probably a common condition.  Because all the extra long wire leads going to the computer board harness are being vibrated on the top of the machine, and the wire ends which are fixed to board are bound to come loose over time.  Likewise, if there are poor factory solder joints on the board it is due to a robotic manufacturing error, and that error will be repeated on every single board the robot solders.   I'll see if I can figure out how to post some pics.   O0


--- Quote from: Bobby D on December 06, 2009, 08:38:27 PM ---... My motor does not have any LED or board on it ...
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 No Inverter Motor on that model

You could have some weak or broken bungys.


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