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Neptune washer mah3000aww


Here is the sequence of events. My wife first told me that after each wash the clothes was dripping wet and some standing water inside. I did some research and though it was a clogged drain pipe. Took out the rear panel then water started to drain. So I though whatever that was stuck got unstuck. Did another load. Same thing, wet clothes and standing water inside. Then I just turn the timer to spin cycle and water did drain. Ran another quick cycle, no load this time. When done there was no standing water. This time I stood there the entire time and notice that the spin cycle doesn't spin fast at all, just agitates. Also notice that the door lock light doesn't come on. What could be the problem? Is it worth fixing? Thanks for the help.

Model mah3000aww

How about a new wax motor for the door lock and a new machine control to replace the one you have with the burned R-11 resistor?

You'll be spending a couple hundred dollars versus a new machine. You'll find the Neptune manual inside the head of this forum.

Part # 22002989 Board, Control, AP4026827

Part # 12002535 Wax Motor Kit, AP4009198


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