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Refrigerator does not maintain cool temperature well

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Ok, so we know the freezer is normal, actually 2 degrees too cold, yet you have warmer temps in the fresh food side than normal.  The next step would be to inspect the defrost and the damper systems on the fridge. If too much frost builds up on the freezer coils it can hamper the airflow to the other side. Alternatively, if the fan in the freezer canno move the air thru to the other side effectively, there will be an increase in temp on the FF side.

The point being made here is that if the freezer section has normal temps, so should the FF side.

OK. How do I inspect the defrost and damper sytem on the frige?

I would also check your fan motor

2176173  Air Diffuser Assembly 

I am glad you mentioned the air diffuser assembly. It was blocked! Now that it's not everything seems to be working normal. Thanks folks.


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