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Refrigerator does not maintain cool temperature well

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Unit is 13 years old and has had no problems. Until this last week the temperature setting was always at #3. Now it has to be set to #4 or higher(cooler) to keep food at a comfortable temp - below 40 degrees. The coils have been thoroughly cleaned and there are no unusual noises. The frige is not running any more than usual so it doesn't appear to be overworked. Possibly a bad temperature sensor?

Model ED22PQXDW01

Is it maintaining 0 degrees in the freezer?

I just checked the freezer. Items are still frozen but it is slightly warmer than usual - ice cubes are glossy and ice cream is a little soft. Thanks.

Unless you have calibrated eyeballs, you did not answer my question :)

The freezer is maintaining -2 right now. I'm not sure what the freezer temp was before since I didn't keep the gauge in there.


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