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Liquid detergent and Fabric Softeners have Pig fat in them


I recently found out that most liquid laundry detergents and all liquid fabric softeners are made using pig fat and in some cases, cow fat. This has been a source of chagrin to some of my Jewish customers who have been using these products unawares. Just thought I'd pass along what the manufacturers don't want you to know. Stick to powdered detergent. Its better for the washer anyway and won't stink after a few loads.

You found this out how?

I was at a factory training session (Kitchen Aid Dish Drawer) and the instructor went into great detail about this. I was semi-shocked when I first realized why front load washers smell so It make sense.

I had always been under the impression they were made with paraffin, but he said that was not the case.

This just in: Try new Sabbath dishwasher crystals. 100% Kosher :D


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