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Info on GE Model GTS22IBMBRCC refrigerator- not freezing right


The food is cold but not frozen and the fridge section is cool but not cold. Had the homeowner unplug the thing for 24 hours, plug it back in and he said it worked fine for about 2 days then the same thing. This sounds similar to a problem I had on another one, except this is a top freezer and the other one was a side by side. On the other one it turned out to be the heater. I replaced the heater and the defrost stat and it fixed the problem. I'm having trouble finding a wiring diagram on this model, but it looks like there is board in the back near the top, and I'm hoping I can test the defrost heater the same way I tested the other one using the L1/defrost/compressor terminals on the board.
Any words of wisdom out there?



Boards are a common failure on these models. First I would check for continuity on the heater/s in the back of the freezer


GE WR55X10942 Main Control Board Assembly, AP4436216

I replaced the board. Guess I'll have to wait a few days to see if it worked. I did notice the old board seemed a little dark at certain areas. not real bad but you could see it was running hotter than what I would consider normal, normal being not hot enough to discolor the board.. The board I got was WR55X10942, apparently this board does a bunch of different refrigerators.

GE WR55X10942 Main Control Board Assembly, AP4436216

I would look at the frost pattern in the freezer by pulling the cover off.
 You just might find a partially frozen evaporator. The main thing that causes this is a bad evaporator thermister, or a intermittant defrost thermostat.
 Once fully defrosted, measure the freezer temperature, should be between 10 and -5 degrees.


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