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lg tromm spin issue


i have a LG WM1815C washer that some times spin and some times not, when not spin, the clock continue running but the machine not spin as should be, some tiomes the machine stop when arive to 7 min, and the alarm say unbalance load, i already balance the load, try low qty of cloths, and even with out cloths, some tiomes work ok,

i open the machine and observe a ball sensor, is this sensor have relation with the fail?

please give me your advice

is the machine leveled correctly?

what type of floor is it on?  concrete or wood?(i.e laundry on a main floor etc)

the ball sensor will trip a ball sensor error not just unbalance error i believe

small loads are more likely to go off balance than large ones

if the machine is on a wood floor how much does the floor bounce when the washer spins?  i.e does the dryer shake when the washer spins?

well the machine its over concrete floor, and its correct leveled, some times i set the machine to work with a medium load of cloths, and do all the cycle ok, and then i turn off the washer and set again the same cycle and the washer fail at the spining , when this happen, the tube spin but not at the correct speed as should be, turn slow to one side and stop and go to reverse side and looks like will increase the speed but not achieve the corect rpm, then finaly stop

i will try to review again the level

thank you

LG WM1815 Service Manual


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