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Very little water flow from water dispenser


This Frigidaire PHS67EHSB6 refrigerator takes about 1 minute to fill an 8 oz glass.  I replace my filters every 6 months and the filter is only 2 months old.  I checked to see if there was any frozen blue berries (no peas in this house) stacked against the freeze wall, but I have no idea where the water reservoir is located.

This is likely a separate issue, but I have to clean out the dispenser tube as dark mold gets in the tube, likely due to water remaining in the tube after filling a glass of water.  I have only see it at the tip of the dispenser where the right mix of water and air can work its magic.  And I do not see any this time and I have even taken apart the dispenser module to look at the tube which is clean.  Where to start first?  Thanks

Could be the water valve:

Click here for water valve

Make sure you have good water flow to refrigerator. Reverse osmosis tanks low on preasure is what I see alot of in AZ.

Well, I ordered a new filter as I was going to need a new one soon, and that fixed the problem. With the old filter not really being that old at all(2 months) I guess I really need to do something about my hardwater. I have already planned to install a whole house water filter system. I even have all the parts. But I am seriously thinking about a water softener. Any thoughts on water softeners and what about no-salt softener?  Thanks.

I've had a couple of pages on my own site which cover some of your issues. Not to detract from this site, but it might be worthwhile reading for you in order to make an informed decision when the time comes.

Hard Water Issues-


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