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maytag atlantis washing machine problems

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I have a Maytag Atlantis washer Model #MABT634AWW Serial #24891867EL. Purchased about 4 years ago.

The problem is that it will fill-up with water but not agitate. I can get it to spin out and drain by moving the dial. It is the same on all cycles.

Thanks in advance!

Does it do that on all the cycles?

If the motor does not even try to run after the machine fills to wash, the timer is bad. The fact that you can get it to spin eliminates the chance of a lid switch issue. If the motor runs but the agitator does not oscillate, the transmission is bad.

Take your volt meter set for ohms/continuity.
Open the control panel.
Fill the tub with water until it stops filling.
Note the location of the 3 wires on the water level switch.
Remove the 3 wires.
With your meter check continuity from #7GY to #18 YL.
If it reads your timer is bad.
If it does not read your water level switch is bad.
You can also double check the empty phase by #7GY to #15PR. When empty it should get a reading.

When it fills and stops it should read open.

Thanks for the help so far. Took the control panel loose to check the wiring to the water level switch as the washer was filling and it just started to aggitate. Didn't check anything put it back together and doing a load of laundry. Where is the water level switch what color wires does it have running to it. Is it right behind the door switch? What should I go ahead and order to be ready when it quits again. Or do I need to worry about it at all ?common problem?


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