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Fridgidaire oven F! error code

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I just replaced the broiler and bake element in my Fridgidaire FEF365BUD oven and am now getting an F1 error code. Even though the stove top works, the oven still does not.  I read that this error code means I need to replace the EOC (electronic oven component). Help!

Try removing the part and cleaning the contacts, their could be a bit of a corroded connection hopefully.

Let's do some history...what caused you to have both elements replaced?

Both of the elements went out.  I didnt bother me much ar first because it was summer and to hot for any baking.  Now that we finally got around to replacing the elements, I am getting the error code

Funny how everyone with known oven issues always waits til the last week before Thanksgiving to attemtp to fix the oven. Now it's too late, but your oven likely need the clock (EOC) shown below.  The F-1 code means the buttons are stuck.


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