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cant get tension on belt upon putting dryer back together


I had a bad idler pulley wheel and bearing assembly. I bought a replacement and when putting dryer back together, there is slack in the belt instead of being tight like it was upon unassembly. i have it around the drive shaft of the motor and pulley wheel the way it was originally. I cannot figure out where I am going wrong. Is there another pulley on the other side of the drum too? I dread taking it all back apart, but will feel better about it if I know it will be fixed the next time. Thanks for anyone who can help.

Model sde2606ayw

Belt routing

how can i screw up the belt routing with only 2 places for belt to go, the drive shaft of motor and the pulley? Yet i have no other explaination. This is absolutely killing me that i cant figure out something so simple as belt routing. I am somewhat mechanically inclined, but sure cant tell from this fiasco of mine

You cannot see what is happening so you have to use the force Luke. It is best to have the dryer on a work lift or a truck tailgate. Sitting down on a chair, I reach into the machine with my big old fat left hand and inevitably scratch my arm. I need to take my right hand and get in there to loop the belt. The left hand holds the idler fer a sec so I can get the belt in place. I have already made sure the ribs are flat onto the tub and the belt is not twisted. because if it is twisted it will break in half quickly with power applied. I place the belt onto the motor shaft and I grab the Idler and raise it up. I slip the belt under the idler and let it go. I turn the drum by hand a few rotations to make sure everything is kosher. Yes this is a pain to do, it helps if you get someone to hold the tub up so you can git yer big paws in there and do yer magic.

  If the idler arm and spring are in the right place and the belt is routed properly then you might have the wrong belt length.


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