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Amana Freezer will not get below 10 degrees

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Freezer will not go below 10 degrees. Defrost thermo. replaced. Evaporator fan runs. Evaporator only gets frost on top coils near where defrost thermo located. When it goes into defrost temperature rises to 20 degrees and takes hours to return to 10 degrees. Any ideas?

Model  ARS9168AC

The coils should all frost up.Why was the therm replaced?

Repairman replaced. I am waiting his return. Since posting I have further data. At 3:40 pm the unit went to defrost cycle. Temp in freezer 9 degrees. At 4:04 pm temp was 29 degrees. At 4:12 temp 30 degrees and defrost cycle ended. At 6:25 pm temp 13 degrees. At 10:51 7 deg. At 6:03 am next day 3 deg. At 8:10 am was in defrost temp 24 deg. Not sure when defrost started. At 8:12 defrost ended temp 24 deg. 9:04 am temp 14. Refrigerator and freezer set to max.

 It sounds like the system is low on refrigerant or there is a restriction in the line. Your defrost system is ok.

Is the condenser clean and clear and is the condenser fan running? Is the compressor hot to the touch? let us know


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