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GE Profile Can A Supco 3-in-1 be used on Newer Refrigerators?

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Yes and as much as I like to use the hard starts I am having to double check the compressors before I hook the relays up.And the omh readings really are different.

I haven't come across a DC compressor yet. How do you tell if it is DC and how does the pot ring out differently?

I hear the dc compressor have 2 pins instead of 3. The speed of the motor inside the compressor is varried to save energy. The brain speeds up the compressor or slows it down according to demand. I might be wrong. Have been before

Yes, some techs. like them, some don't.

When i first started doing appliance repair back in 1987, i used to love using them, it seemed to solve all the compressor start and run issues, but as they have changed the compressor design in the early 90's , i saw that the 3 in 1 ones that i was putting on would start failing on some compressors, so from then on, i quit using them all together, except for a emergency, till the original relay/overload part I ordered arrived.

So its basically your call.


I keep a HS in my tools connected to a suicide cord. It makes it east to tell quickly if the compressor has a problem or I have to look further. I try to get the original relay if I can. Sometimes that is not possible so the HS is a great product.


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