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Lock Mechaniesm GE wall oven


Oven lock light will not go off, and oven will not operate.  Locking mechanism unlocks but does not go to the farest unlock position. To get the oven to operate I had to run electricity directly from an outside source to the lock motor, once the lock mechanism opened to the farest position I then disconnect the power to the lock motor and left the wires disconnect to the lock motor. The oven now works, without the lock. What is the problem?  It is not the lock motor. GE Wall Oven

Thanks Jim

Model JTP20B0F7BB

No, it is no the lock motor per se, but you still need the lock assembly anyway. There is a cam and a microswitch that control the lock motor rotation which have failed. They are integrated into the mechanism and are replaced as a unit, shown below. WB14T10018 is the part number you want.


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